This is Peanut. When we were shopping for a dog, he was the only one who managed to climb the front of his kennel so that he could stick his head out of a hole to make himself known. "This dog is a handful," Red said. So we didn't choose him. We agreed instead on a much more sedate-looking dachshund named Shorty, but he was scooped up while we went for lunch to cement our decision--he was being walked away by a happy mother and daughter upon our return, dammit. We went home and moped for two weeks. Christmas was arriving, so we dared to go to the shelter again. There was Peanut, still climbing, still sticking his head out of the hole. He wanted a home so badly that we had to take him the second time around. Now, he sleeps in our bed and gets four walks a day, where he often finds things to eat.