Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outdoor Dinner

One of the perks of having a yard is getting to eat outside. So, last weekend we went shopping for outdoor furniture. We came across a place that advertised Moroccan hand-cut mosaic tile tables. The saleswoman was named Corinne and she had a strong French accent. It's probably this season of House of Cards that's making me feel empowered, but I want to propose a bill that would require the word "turquoise" to always be pronounced with a French accent.

The table arrived yesterday, and we celebrated with some sauteed salmon, rice, green beans, and tiramisu. (Okay, I had the tiramisu and Red had a Nestle drumstick.)  ((Okay, I had tiramisu and a Nestle drumstick, and so did Red.))

At any rate, if any of my blogger pals come to visit on a warm day, we can now enjoy rosemary and thyme pancakes outside...or tea and scones...or Thai barbecue with papaya salad, larb, sticky rice, and chicken marinated in lemongrass and curry powder!  

Our next goal will be to repair the ground beneath the table.

In writing news, I finished the second complete draft of Sister Soul. Draft trois is underway including a substantial revision of the feudal Japan section. I've named my shugo daimyo Akifumi Katamori, and every morning at 4 a.m. he greets his villagers by saying, "I am Akifumi Katamori. I rise before the sun."

What's Peanut eating? Strawberries and green beans.


  1. You changed the look of your blog! I'm in love with that table, and the picture of peanut running by. I want to come visit. I want that food you mentioned. And a Nestle drumstick. And your company.

    Can't wait to read your book. :)

    1. I planned to do more to the blog, but I haven't made time for it yet. I also love that Peanut is running by in the corner of the picture! :)

      You're welcome to join us, Michelle!

  2. That's a nice table! Those are nice chairs! That's a fantastic dog! It should be pretty easy to repair the bricks. We will come have pancakes and tea with you.