Monday, February 24, 2014

Shabu shabu and trail mix

My brother and sister-in-law entrusted me with the well-being of their only son for a few hours on Saturday. I decided to take him to shabu shabu, mostly because I tend to choose activities that I think a kid would like when I really have no idea what kids typically like. He couldn't reach the broth in the middle of the table. He complained that the steam was getting in his eyes. But, thankfully, after he got the hang of it, he had a blast and wants to go back!

Sunday I went on my first decent hike in probably over fifteen years. Some co-workers and I climbed Mt. Baldy (or Mount San Antonio, altitude 10,000 feet) as part of a 10.8 mile loop in the San Gabriel Mountains. The first few miles of the journey included a mental conversation with my younger self that went something like:

YS: You can't do this old man. You used to be in shape, but you're no spring chicken anymore.

OS: Maybe you're right.

YS: Of course I'm right. Take your joints for example. They can't possibly survive this. And your lungs. Do you really want to faint in front of your boss?

OS: Hey, we've been going for a couple of miles. I feel good! So, maybe you should just shut up and leave me alone!

As a result of my activities, though, I didn't complete my 1,000 words a day over the weekend. The wagon has been fallen off of. I hope to get back on it today, but there is the slight chance that I will get to go see a free showing of the great Hayao Miyazaki's "The Wind Rises."

What's Peanut eating? Turkey burger.


  1. You had fun at least, Old Self :)

  2. The landscape was gorgeous! I was reminded of how much I love hiking, sans knee pain.

  3. Ah, so THAT Is why you didn't write over the weekend. You didn't tell me that in chat, silly! What a wonderful thing to do instead of writing, though! The view is fabulous. Honestly, I find very few things more rewarding than climbing a mountain. Also, I really love your new picture over in the right-hand column. :)

  4. It's true. There is something satisfying about just walking a long distance and seeing how far you have come. It's very satisfying, and it clears my head.

    I'm glad you like the picture! It was a candid shot that I wasn't paying any attention to, but I like the way it turned it.