Friday, January 31, 2014

Tsukemono and miso soup

For now, I've only got three major scenes left to write before I'm done with the first draft of Sister Soul. This will be a pretty rough first draft, with several sections still written in outline form.

The nice thing is that this is a fairly linear story (linear for me, anyway, although I warn you that time jumping is involved), so I don't see a lot of rearrangements in the second draft. I think it will be a matter of defining characters more clearly and fleshing out details about action and setting. The story has a lot of fantasy elements that have to be described more clearly, otherwise I fear they will seem too random. It's turning out to be a combination of Quantum Leap and Charmed with a little Joy Luck Club thrown in.

About three quarters of the way into the book, I threw in two side characters that I initially figured would be rather insignificant. One of them remains that way (he's only in the story because he went to a bar while his bride was waiting for him at their expected wedding), but I keep coming back to the other one, whose name keeps changing. She started out as Gemini, and then Astrid, and now I'm exploring Marytza. She has ties to Topanga Canyon here in CA, if anyone is familiar with that (think dreamcatchers and crystals).

I think I might be able to finish this draft this weekend as long as I don't get distracted by the Super Bowl...and I won't get distracted by the Super Bowl.

What's Peanut eating? Beef stew.

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