Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lemon and Fig preserves

I moved last weekend.

I went from a downtown loft that looked like this

to a freestanding house that looks like this

except that the photos of the new house are staged, as the place actually currently looks like a box storage facility as I'm not done unpacking yet.

Moving day was, coincidentally, my 35th birthday, so I spent fourteen hours "celebrating" by carrying all of the books you see in the second picture (and many more) up all of the stairs that you can almost see in the third picture. We had a team of movers helping, but still my knees were wobbling by late afternoon. I even admit to wanting a Kindle.

You'll notice a lot more green in the new digs.

First, the trees are green. I'm not used to having a place with my own trees. I have particularly fallen in love with a fig tree, which I have named "Figgy." I water it and count the little leaf buds that start to develop. Then, I get sad when I come out in the morning to find that birds have eaten all of the buds. But, that's love, right?

Second, the house is green. A bright alien green. I am grateful to that green because it seems to have been the thing that kept the house on the market for three months for me to discover.

Since this food blog is supposed to be a writing blog, I am also compelled to say that the move and my recent job change will let me begin a new chapter of mental peace and sanity preservation. 

I did also celebrate my birthday the following day with Big Red and Little Peanut under the lemon tree. (Those glowing things in the tree are NOT lemons.)

What's Peanut eating? Nature.



  2. Happy birthday wishes again Davin! Happy new house and loads of love to the three of you! I will want photos. Keep an eye on Peanut.

  3. TJN, We'll have to grow some almonds!

    Thank you, SGFB! Love back to ya.

  4. Happy birthday! That house looks like an amazing space for creativity. I think open spaces and greenery are the best thing, besides Soviet-style dormitories, for writing inspiration. Wishing you lots of tasty words and thought-provoking meals in your new home.

  5. Interesting house to be sure. Love the trees. You'll have to get a net for Figgy. That way the birds won't eat all your figs. Congratulations on your birthday. 35 was my BEST year so wishing you tons of happiness.

  6. Wait ... what is this about a Kindle? I thought I'd never hear you say that. ;)

    I'm so very, very jealous that you own a fig tree.

  7. Jeannie, Thank you! Your birthday is right around this time of year too, isn't it? If so, Happy Birthday! If not, I still wish for you to have a really happy birthday. :)

    Robynne Rand, Thanks for your advice for Figgy. This weekend, I followed it and got a nice net for it. I also trimmed it, which was fun. It was like shaping a bonsai tree, only bigger.

    Michelle, If you come over at the right time of year, I can give you figs and make some fig meal for you! Maybe a tomato, peanut butter, and fig sandwich?