Monday, November 25, 2013

A baker's dozen

This weekend, the cable installer, the internet installer, the tree remover, and the plumber all came to my house. The cable is installed. Nothing else happened. We have to get a new internet company. The tree remover is coming back in a week. The plumber told us that our plumbing needs a lot more work, and he has to come back when he has more time. I bought a dozen donuts. I ate five of them.

Scott G.F. Bailey is talking about his various writing projects, so I'll talk about mine too. Hey?

1. I keep meaning to get back to Cyberlama, but I've lost some momentum on it, and I'm thinking I might just want to move on to something else. I think the source of inspiration for that project is gone, as my feelings about what I want to write have changed a little.

2. I'm pecking away at my sister-in-law's book Sister Soul. I decided to make it a little more sophisticated, so I may not have it done by this Christmas.

3. I'm toying with an idea of writing a collection of short stories where each story's title is a number. "1, 3, 2, 4" would be a story about a love quadrilateral gone awry. "86" would be a story about my grandmother passing away. "21" would be a story about a young college graduate who learns an important lesson about life. You get the idea.

4. I'm also thinking about starting a new novel about this man who has a very magnetic personality and makes intimate friends quickly only to find that those friendships become awkward and embarrassing. He's trying to figure out how he can build healthy long-term relationships. He finds a young woman who has a similar personality, except it's heightened to the degree where she draws negative emotions out of people. She works as sort of a therapist, but she has to tolerate the negative feelings from her patients as a result of her method of treatment. That's the set up, and it's enough for me to start writing. I don't know where that story will go or how it might end.

Those are the things I've been thinking about. With the move and the semi-new job, I haven't been writing or reading much, but I've been wanting to again, which is nice.

I also bought an easel Saturday.

For anyone who's paying attention, I did manage to enjoy a nice croissant and hot chocolate breakfast this weekend while sitting on the front porch. It was lovely.

What's Peanut eating? Bread crumbs.


  1. 1. All of these new projects look interesting. I hope you return to Cyberlama some day, though.

    2. I first read that as "I bought a weasel."

    3. You should read Gao Xingjian's Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather. I think you'd enjoy it. Or I might say that it reminded me of your writing, so maybe you wouldn't enjoy it. Either way, it's short and Xingjian won the Nobel Prize in literature.

    4. Donuts and croissants are good.

    5. Plumbers always say that.

  2. Peanut would not get along with a weasel, I'm guessing. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the right weasel would be okay.

    Our plumber's name is Primo. He installed our garbage disposal but informed us that there is no electrical supply to power it. If we want to use it currently, we have to plug it into an extension cord and then unplug it when we're done. He took our our two toilets only to find that the attachments underneath were installed wrong, and he'd have to go under the house to replace them. Only, one of the bathrooms can't be access from under the house because it's encased in concrete. We may end up just redoing that bathroom completely. Plumbing.

    I looked up the book, Mr. B. It looks cool! My new job is walking distance to two book stores, so I shall go hunt it down.

  3. Oh, Davin! I'm really happy you ate the croissant and hot chocolate on the front porch. I'm grinning about that! As for your projects, I'm very, very sad about Cyberlama because I still would love to read that one day, but your others sound lovely, especially your short story collection (please, oh, please do that!) and your last one. Have you ever watched the British series, Doc Martin? Because your second character sounds like has a similar personality, and I find that personality absolutely fascinating. It's one of my favorite series.