Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Emergency Supplies

About five weeks ago, my computer crashed. I had sworn that I backed everything up, but I hadn't managed to find the most recent backed up files. Until this morning. They were on a thumb drive in the bottom of my backpack. This matters because my Cyberlama novel was missing. I wasn't exactly panicking that the last six months of drafts were gone, but I am happy to have found them again. And sometimes you forget about those cans in the back of the closet, and when you do find them they are swollen or have exploded.

What's Peanut eating? Desert critters. He just got back from a long weekend in Joshua Tree.


  1. Not panicking over the missing Cyberlama file? Wow, I think you ate too many chill pills to get past the computer crash.

    Desert critters sounds interesting. Hope you two had fun on your outing.


  2. Donna,
    I actually didn't join Peanut in Joshua Tree. I stayed behind in Los Angeles to get some peace and quiet. I think I would have been more panicked about Cyberlama if I had lost earlier drafts. The most recent ones have been so experimental that I didn't feel committed to any of them.

  3. "so experimental that I didn't feel committed to any of them" I feel this way about some of my current work. I'm not sure what I'm doing or why I'm doing it; I'm just working on techniques, maybe, or I don't feel connected to the material. It's as if, sometimes, now that the struggle with craft is mostly over, my interest in writing is going away. I hope that's not true.

  4. Scott,
    That's exactly how I feel. And that's what happened to me with painting. I felt like both had a stage where my technique was advancing very rapidly. When I felt like that initial advancement was nearing its end, and when I reached a certain level of competency, I became less excited. What I try to convince myself is that if I keep at it, new challenging avenues of struggle that I'm not even aware of will open up again. Otherwise, where's the fun?

  5. So glad you found those, Davin! I've lost my work before and it's not fun, even if you don't panic. Desert critters. Fun. Darcy wants to be a fennec fox for Halloween. Don't know what that is? Go look it up. Then tell me how the heck I'm supposed to make a costume for that??!

  6. I came across fennec foxes while I was trying to figure out what sort of breed Peanut was! Let's just say I searched broadly. They are very cute. It's all about the ears.