Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Frlistcipe

First things prematurely: I finished reading The Last Samurai by Helen De Witt, and I think it is a brilliant book. I will have to give it a proper post soon.

Seconds things first: The only thing I've really cooked this week that's worth talking about is a peach cuppa cuppa cuppa cake, which I love because it's a recipe that's easy to memorize: a cuppa self-rising flour, a cuppa sugar, a cuppa milk (and a little bit more), a stick of butter melted, and a can of peaches. It's not a very photogenic cake, but it's a comforting treat that makes me feel homey.

Now to be on time again: I have wanted to make a list of beautiful descriptions I've heard from people over the years, so I'm going to make that list now. Of course I can't actually include the descriptions because they were so beautiful, and I really couldn't do them justice.

List of beautiful descriptions I have heard from people over the years

1. Andreas, a postdoc in my lab when I was in graduate school, described making eiswein (ice wine), when a little village in Germany waits for their wine grapes to freeze and then spends the night crushing the frozen grapes.

2. Elaine, a writer in a long-ago writer's group, described the release of the Wizard of Oz and going to see it. She said when the first section played, the audience was very disappointed because movies in color looked just like movies in black and white. Then, they went to Oz!

3. George Rossman, a Caltech geology professor, described how the earth made gemstones.

4. Jesse, my closest friend when I was growing up, described getting the courage to ask someone out on a date.

5. My aunt described the last two days of my maternal grandmother's life and the moment of her dying.

What's Peanut eating? More treats. This week lesson was on getting your dog to not pull on the leash. One day, Peanut pulled like crazy as I tried to teach him. The next day, he stopped pulling. It was quite remarkable, and it's all thanks to the G.F.-less Bailey.


  1. this cake is missing a cuppa vanilla ice cream!

  2. That cake has me missing smackdown. I think we need some literary/food kerfuffle in the new year, Davin.

    I love your list. Which sounds trite, but it is 4:25 in the morning here so that may be the best we can shoot for. But it's not just the content--although it is partly that, because it's compelling--but also that you noticed these things, that you so much later remembered and were inclined to list.

    Finally, I am super impressed with Peanut. Probably, we need some similar training over here.

  3. Sadly, I am not the Best Bailey. There are plenty of Better Baileys. One day I'll no longer mourn this fact. But it's nice to hear that Peanut is behaving himself.

  4. Jennifer, I think cakes and pies should always makes us want to eat. Really, that's the point of this blog, because this blog definitely has a point. That should never be questioned.

    You were up at 4:25? It has been a long time since I have stayed up that late. Does this go back to the roller derby thing?

  5. Bailey, as much as I appreciate the other Bailey for making my dog less of a tornado, if I had to pick a Bailey, I'd pick the G.F. Bailey.

  6. I don't think I'd like that cuppa cuppa cake. It's the whole cooked fruit thing ... yes, I know I'm crazy-weird. But it does remind me of the German pancake thingy with eggs and milk and a whole freaking stick of butter. Totally healthy. Yep.