Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Frirthdaycipes


Total time: 38 weeks


1 ex-dancer, daughter of mother unable to walk after giving birth to her last son, daughter of mother lost to strangers in a gambling game who became a servant girl, daughter of father abused by uncle, daughter of father who ran away from home to become a servant boy, daughter of servants in the same house who fell in love and bought their freedom, pediatric intensive care unit nurse for some 40 years, maker of Ritz cracker sandwiches lined on a red plastic tray on Saturday mornings

1 ex-fight rooster raiser, ex-kick boxer, ex-smoker!, steel worker whose hands are covered with tiny blisters from having to work with acid for 40 years, maker of cool wooden toys that little boys liked to throw at each other, eater of Cup O' Noodles in the middle of the night with the kids woken up so that all three could fight for noodles in the same pot


Import both ingredients from Thailand, marry them and hold a reception afterwards for a total of $100. Take a picture of them looking young and happy and so much in love in front of a gold curtain (It was the 70's). Ahem--shuffle their DNA around Valentine's Day of 1978. Take the bun out of the oven at 11:06 pm in White Memorial Medical Center.


  1. 1. Wow. I am, again, astounded that I am reading this here, and not in some lit journal.

    2. Happy birthday. May the next year be dreams-come-true-ish and filled with cake-less frosting.

  2. Thanks to you both! :) I've been having a great day so far.

  3. Happy Birthday. Now that you've moved into a groovy loft less than a mile from White Memorial where you were born, do you feel like you've come full circle?

  4. Thanks, TJN. I'm almost full circle. I have just a little bit more to go.

    Thanks, Michelle! :)

  5. love this! Belated Happy Birthday Davin!!

  6. Sorry I missed it. Happy Belated Birthday. Hope it was amazing.

  7. Thank you, Lavanya and Robynne! I had a lovely birthday.