Monday, April 30, 2012

Edamame and the discarded peels

Last night I decided on the story I want to try and write. I'm focusing on three scientists in a university called the University. Hopefully tonight or sometime soon I will be able to write the first few sentences of the opening scene, which will take place in an auditorium that the students call "The Wedding Cake." There's going to be a chancellor and a weird demo. The prose will be flowery!

We'll see how this goes. If I remember correctly, I usually have to try multiple story ideas before one has legs. Right now I find myself imagining the three main characters, and I'm having a good time. One is the grandson of a Japanese fisherman, and his house is decorated with glass floats and gyotaku. (The image is taken from here.) He doesn't come from an academic family, while the other two scientists do. Ooh, conflict! Don't burn your tongue! I don't know where the story will go yet, but I think this first scene is a good launching point. And I can always revise, of course.

The hard part at the moment is that I am pushing aside my idea of announcing when everyone will die in the first chapter. I really love that idea, and I still want to do it sometime. But I'm not sure it will fit with this story. I hope it can, but I don't see it yet. Alas, I'll have to write another book after this.

What's Peanut eating? So far, just kibbles and treats. Fingers crossed.


  1. Aww, this sounds good, Davin! I still want to read Cyberlama...

  2. Michelle, I hope Cyberlama will be coming to you soon. Or relatively soon, anyway!